Level A2

Level A2


Course duration: 90-100 hours


Course contents: A2 Spanish Course Online (In accordance with the CEFR and Instituto Cervantes standards)

  1. My life (Review)
  2. Cooking vocabulary. Pronouns DO
  3. Verb “gustar” and the verbs similar to it. Adverbs of Quantity
  4. Impersonal forms with “Se”
  5. Revision of “tener que” + infinitive / “ir a” + infinitive
  6. Clothes vocabulary
  7. Comparatives and superlative
  8. “Pretérito perfecto”: Forms and uses. Temporary markers
  9. “Pretérito perfecto”: Vocabulary of the experiences
  10. “Pretérito indefenido”: Forms and uses. Temporary markers
  11. Irregular verbs: Biography vocabulary
  12. Contrast of Indefinido and Perfecto
  13. “Pretérito imperfecto”: Forms and uses.
  14. Contrast  of Indefinido and Imperfecto”
  15. Body vocabulary. “Ser/Estar”
  16. Diseases and medical formulas. Verb “doler”
  17. Affirmative form of imperative
  18. Colloquial ways to express preferences

Download the contents of A2.