Level A1

Beginner level of Spanish

Level A1


Course duration: 90-100 hours


Course contents: A1 Spanish Course Online (In accordance with the CEFR and Instituto Cervantes standards)

  1. Greetings and Introductions
  2. Professions
  3. Grammatical genders
  4. Verbs “ser”, “estar”, “tener”
  5. City vocabulary
  6. Questions
  7. Family life vocabulary
  8. Family life: descriptions
  9. Directions
  10. Directions (types of transportation and comparative, superlative)
  11. Directions (verbs “querer”, “necesitar”)
  12. Regular verbs and adverbs of frequency
  13. Reflexive verbs
  14. Telling the time
  15. Irregular verbs
  16. Hobbies and pastimes
  17. Hobbies and pastimes vocabulary
  18. Verb “estar” + gerund
  19. Going shopping
  20. My body (Saying that something hurts)
  21. Verb “estar” used to express feelings
  22. Visit to the doctor’s office
  23. My country: food
  24. My country: weather
  25. My country: revision of the regular and irregular verbs, and actions’ vocabulary
  26. Common countable and uncountable
  27. Making plans and having obligations
  28. Past experiences

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