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Spanish for beginners
Spanish for Beginners: Where to Start

Learning a foreign language is always an exciting adventure and Spanish is one of the most…

eat late in Spain
Facts about Spain: Why Spaniards eat late

During the 60’s there was a motto that made Spain incredibly popular with foreigners: “Spain is…

honeymoon in Spain
Spain for honeymoon

Getting married is probably one of the happiest and most memorable days in our lives, but…

Time zone Spain
Facts about Spain: Time zone background

Why do we change time? Since when do we do it? Is it useful? There are…

5 best places to retire in Spain
5 best places to retire in Spain

If you’re looking to spend the best years of your life somewhere sunny and with lots…

podcast to improve your Spanish
Podcasts to improve your Spanish

When we live in a foreign country, one of the most satisfying moments is the first…