Top 20 Non-Material Gifts ideas for Christmas

Usually, everyone worries about finding the right gift and looks in shops for whatever book, scarf or socks are most appropriate. However, what if this Christmas you don’t give away material things? If you are looking for gifts ideas for Christmas, at On- Español we propose the following: put non-material Christmas gifts under the tree this Christmas. Keep reading to check our Top Non- Material Gift ideas for Christmas.

Organize an unforgettable trip

1. Organize an unforgettable trip

Organizing a trip instead of giving a physical gift means that you can come up with an unforgettable experience and even save money. Choose a night away in a rural hotel, with a wine tasting and dinner, or even a weekend in a European city. You can tailor it perfectly to the person you’re buying for and make something really special.

2. A handmade gift

Skip store-bought gifts and make something yourself. Creating something from scratch can be really fun and entertaining. Plus the person you give the gift to will feel very special when receiving something unique made by you. From cupcakes to potted plants or candles, there are plenty of creating handmade gifts for everyone.

3. Tickets for a concert

These kind of non-material gifts ideas are perfect for friends! Do some research on the type of music the person likes and if you find out they are not very interested in music, you can always buy tickets for a play, a sporting event, etc…

4. Give a memory of you both

You can prepare a box with letters and photos of your relationship with that person; it will be like a trunk of memories. You can get some inspiration here.

5. One day of charity work

There are many organizations that need volunteers and is there a better gift than giving away your time and work for the benefit of more people? Remember that Christmas is a time to give, share and be thankful!

6. A fancy brunch

It is always a good idea to give breakfast, lunch or a dinner, in either a restaurant, a house with a more intimate atmosphere or outdoors if the weather is good. It can either be a gift certificate or something you do together. For those who are fans of wine or craft beer, you can also opt for a wine or beer tasting.

7. Extreme sports and different experiences

If the person likes strong emotions there are numerous activities that will surprise him or her (from lower to higher intensity): paintball, horse riding, diving, ballooning, skydiving, bungee jumping… In addition, you can experience the adventure together.ccount/spanish-courses

8. Unique and spectacular views

Surely you know a place with spectacular views of your city, a rooftop bar or a special place in the countryside. Take advantage of these kinds of places and make them the perfect non-material gifts. Surprise your family and friends and you can enjoy the scenery together.

9. A language course

With a language course you make a gift for personal enjoyment or to prepare professionally. Learning languages will allow that person to communicate with others, improve their resume and have a good time. Check our online Spanish courses and try a free demo to see how they work in advance 😉

10. A song made by you

Get with one of the latest trends in personalized gifts: Give a personalized song to the person you love most. You just have to choose the song that best suits your motive and customize the lyrics. You can include a special message. If you’re not that creative, you can easily hire someone to write and record a song for not very much money on Fiverr.

11. Give a subscription service

Sometimes we do not know very well what to give, but don’t worry! Subscriptions are the best non-material gift ideas as your loved ones can enjoy their favourite content or buy whatever they want.

12. Exchangeable coupons for favours or wishes

You can do it yourself or you can find downloadable coupons. Be creative and choose wishes or activities that you can share with that special person. It is a simple gift and works for everyone!

13. Edit a video with photos and travel memories

If you liked the idea of the song, imagine listening to it with a video of photos or small clips of that person to whom you give the gift. You can also include a dedication, so you can tell how special this person is for you. Videos are unforgettable non-material gifts ideas! Wondershare Filmora is a good option if you want to start out with basic video editing.

14. Wellness and spa experience

It is a perfect gift for family, friends, couples, coworkers… since spas are perfect for relaxing and who doesn’t like that? Keep in mind that visiting a spa is no longer a luxury or expensive treat. We can find really cheap and good spa circuits and many wellness centers offer special prices during the week, so the price will no longer be an excuse to stop enjoying this experience.


15. Cooking lessons

Give a cooking course. An original, surprising and fun gift. Surprise that person with a gastronomic workshop or cooking course. Spanish cooking course, sushi, Thai cooking workshops…

16. Go and plant a tree together

Trees can live for hundreds of years, so when you plant one, you are making a very special gift not only to one person but also to your future children and grandchildren. It is also a symbol of your commitment to the environment as trees clean the air and they help you save energy.

17. Enjoy a flight on a hot air balloon

This is an exciting memory that will last for a lifetime. You will be sharing freedom, fun, serenity and a relaxing time in the middle of nature. If you are looking for original non-material gifts ideas, this is number 1!

18. Prepare and go on a Picnic

Many of the best things in life are free (or almost). A picnic is a simple and economical option that offers us three of the most valuable treasures we can imagine: good food, company and nature. Find here the best picnic recipes! Even though it’s winter, you can get bundled up and take a bottle of wine into nature and make an adventure of it!

19. A Photoshoot

Spending the day in the company of a professional photographer with your friends will be remembered forever! If you want to be more original, wear costumes or objects for the photos. You will have a fun time and will keep very special memories.

20. Photo calendar

Does your loved one have a dog, favourite country or do you both have tons of cool photos together? Why not take pride of place on their wall or desk with a photo calendar and choose a photo for each month of the year. It’s really handy but also reminds them daily of your friendship and would be something they’ll love to see each day.

We hope our advice has helped you, do you already know how you will surprise that special person?

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