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Grammar bites
Spanish grammar bites: Adverbs of quantity

Learning Spanish is a big challenge and as with any other language, it takes a lot…

must know spanish technology vocabulary
Must-know Spanish Technology Vocabulary

In the internet era, technology evolves at the speed of lightning and this reflects in our…

10 Expressions to flirt in Spanish
8 Expressions to flirt in Spanish

They say that there is an unspoken language of love, but knowing a couple of expressions…

Spanish Travel Expressions
Common Spanish Travel Expressions

If you are planning on travelling to Spain or South America, then there is some very…

La Tomatina: the tomato throwing festival

La Tomatina is a festivity that is celebrated in Valencia, specifically in Buñol, a city in…

fruit expressions
Spanish expressions with fruits and vegetables!

Want to sound like a native Spanish speaker? There’s no better way than using typical Spanish…