They say that there is an unspoken language of love, but knowing a couple of expressions to flirt around in any language can definitely help you in the pursuit of love. Have you ever been to a bar in a Spanish speaking country and seen someone you liked but have had no idea of what to say? Then keep reading! Below you will find some typical Spanish expressions to flirt.

Eres muy guapo/a

This expression basically means that someone is really cute. Who doesn’t like to get a compliment? Next time you go out with that special someone, try breaking the ice with this expression.

Me encanta tu sonrisa

There’s no better way of making someone smile than telling them that you love their smile. That is what this expression means, and once you use it, you’ll definitely get another one.

¿Tienes novio o novia?

You will want to know if they’re single before you offer your best flirty phrases… this question will save you wasting your time: Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Don’t wait too long until you ask it, it will stop you from getting disappointed.

Me encanta estar contigo

Sometimes a bit of reassurance can help new couples get over those typical insecurities that can bring out the worst in them. With these four words that mean “I love being with you”, you’ll make your interest in the person evident.

8 Expressions to flirt in SpanishHe estado pensando en ti

Haven’t seen the person you like for a while? Are you thinking of sending her a WhatsApp or giving her a call? Maybe you should start your sentence by saying “I’ve been thinking about you”, and then ask him/her out.

No puedo esperar para volver a verte

This expression indicates a clear intention of seeing a person again. It literally means “I can’t wait to see you again”. Make sure you use it only if you mean it. You wouldn’t want to get someone’s hopes up!

Eres muy gracioso

Your date just told you a joke that made you laugh? Or maybe it didn’t, but as it’s the first date, you’ll tell him that he/she is hilarious! Sometimes bad jokes are the best ones! Compliment him using this expression if you want to hear more!

Me vuelves loco/a

Have you ever been unable to stop thinking about someone? Day-dreaming about the moment when you’ll see him or her again? Then you could say that this person “drives you crazy”. Don’t forget to say it when you go on your next date… it might be reciprocal!

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