In the internet era, technology evolves at the speed of lightning and this reflects in our day-to-day vocabulary. Some of these new words have made it to the dictionary officially and others will probably be added very soon. No matter what, these are must-know words in today’s digital era so check out this post where we teach you relevant Spanish technology vocabulary.

La Real Academia Española (RAE), the official Spanish language institution, last published the Spanish dictionary in 2014, which shows that they are not nearly as fast as the evolution of technology… but then, they also need to evaluate during a significant period of time if a word is going to last or if it is just a passing trend.

Below you will find some words that have already been accepted in the RAE and others that might be there soon due to their popularity when talking about technology.

  • Tuit: Pronounced the same as in English, it’s the Spanish slang term to describe a Twitter update. Someone who “tuits” would be called “tuitero”. In 2014 these words were officially accepted by the RAE.
  • Bloguero: This word refers to a person who writes about an event, situation, topic, etc. in a blog. If you are referring to a female blogger, then the word would be “bloguera”. It was also accepted by RAE in 2014.
  • Hacker: Even though this word has also been officially accepted when referring to a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data, it should be written in italics since it’s an English term.
  • Chatear: This is the verb used when referring to sending messages over the Internet in a chat room. It has been adapted from the English language and in 2011 RAE added it to the dictionary.
  • Wasapear: Comes from the application Whatasapp and refers to the action of having a conversation with someone on this app. It hasn’t been officially incorporated into the dictionary yet but they are evaluating to add it eventually.
  • Postear: It hasn’t been accepted into the oficial RAE dictionary though everyone uses it. It’s used when someone publishes (a post) in an online forum or social media platform.

You can find more technology vocabulary on Profe de ELE.  We encourage you to practice as many of these words as possible with your friends or even write a comment telling us how you use social networks and new technologies on a daily basis. If you have found this article useful, please share it on Facebook!