Level B1

Level B1


Course duration: 90-100 hours


Course contents: B1 Spanish Course Online (In accordance with the CEFR and Instituto Cervantes standards)

  1. Revision of the A2 level. Ways to introduce yourself, describe the environment and personal
  2. experiences
  3. Contrast of the Indefinido and Imperfecto.
  4. Temporary markers of duration and comparison of two past actions
  5. Revision of the contrast of the past tenses
  6. Verbal periphrasis (I) Verbs of change and life stages
  7. Verbal periphrasis (II) Spanish social habits
  8. Asking for and giving permission
  9. Quantifiers
  10. Positive imperatives “tú/usted”
  11. Negative imperatives “tú/usted”
  12. Imperative forms for “vosotros”
  13. Advertising and social media
  14. “Futuro Imperfecto”. Forms and uses
  15. Irregular verbs. Temporary markers
  16. Revision of the Future tenses. Environmental vocabulary
  17. First conditional. Vocabulary of changes happening in life
  18. Work and company vocabulary
  19. “Presente de subjuntivo”: forms
  20. “Presente de subjuntivo”: wishes and needs
  21. “Presente de subjuntivo”: feelings. Vocabulary to describe the personalities
  22. “Presente subjuntivo”: giving opinion
  23. “Presente subjuntivo”: hypothesis and probability
  24. Revision of the “Presente de subjuntivo”: opinion, feelings and values
  25. “Presente de subjuntivo”: relative phrases with the unknown background
  26. Expressing emotions and abilities. Values.
  27. “Presente de subjuntivo”: future plans.
  28. Opinions
  29. ​Revision of all the uses of the “Presente de subjuntivo”
  30. Conditional: forms and uses (hypothetic situation and courtesy)
  31. Structures to give advises
  32. City life vocabulary.
  33. Politics
  34. Second conditional (si fuera, tuviera)
  35. “Pretérito pluscuamperfecto”
  36. Contrast of Indefinido, Imperfecto and Pluscuamperfecto
  37. Expressions to describe personality, qualities, defects, character

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