Level C1

Level C1


Course duration: 90-100 hours


Course contents: C1 Spanish Course Online (In accordance with the CEFR and Instituto Cervantes standards)

  1. General revision of the B2 level
  2. Revision of the Past Indicative Tenses
  3. The use of Indefinido and Imperfecto for descriptions
  4. The use of Imperfecto in the present, future and conditional
  5. Strategies to emphasize and attenuate discourse
  6. Idiomatic expressions and vocabulary to express emotions and feelings
  7. Subjunctive structures to express emotions and feelings
  8. Compound words
  9. Prefixes and suffixes
  10. Indicativo vs. Subjuntivo in opinions and feelings
  11. Verbs that change meaning in Indicativo and Subjuntivo
  12. Indicativo and Subjuntivo in related phrases. Conectors
  13. Indicativo and Subjuntivo for desires, needs and intentions
  14. Idiomatic expressions with animals
  15. Iidiomatic expressions with food
  16. Accentuation rules
  17. Formal structures, emails. Courtesy forms
  18. Vocabulary to avoid the use of the general verbs. Nominalization
  19. Causal sentences. Conectors
  20. Final sentences. Conectors
  21. Uses of the Future tense
  22. Uses of Conditional
  23. Periphrasis: beginning, continuation, ending
  24. Consecutives sentences. Connectors
  25. Modal and comparative sentences. Connectors
  26. Idiomatic expressions and vocabulary about money and economy
  27. “Por”
  28. “Para”
  29. Verbs with prepositions
  30. Review of the three conditionals
  31. Others conditional connectors
  32. Uses “gerundio” y “participio”
  33. Concessive sentences. Connectors
  34. Idiomatic expressions. Body parts
  35. Medical, scientific and technological vocabulary
  36. Environmental vocabulary
  37. Work, administration and justice vocabulary
  38. Music and art vocabulary
  39. Indirect style
  40. Irony, exaggeration and humor
  41. Pronouns: Direct and Indirect. “Leísmo, laísmo”
  42. Impersonal expressions
  43. Complains and indifference. Third conditional review
  44. Special cases of the grammatical genders in Spanish

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