The eternal debate of whether online courses are better or worse than on-site classes will probably never end. Each definitely has its own list of benefits and depends on your lifestyle, how you like to learn, the amount of free time you’ve got, etc.

Here are just a few of the benefits of online learning:


Forget about spending lots of time in the car or on public transport travelling to your classes and enjoy the fact that with an online course you log on wherever you are and start studying.


You can go online anytime, anywhere. All you need is access to the internet and you can pick up your studies from where you left off, even during summer holiday breaks if you are feeling extremely motivated. You’re in control of everything.


Online learning can sometimes offer more feedback than traditional professional development because assignments, assessment scores, activities, course completions, and participant progress can be monitored online, and in real time in most cases.

Most online learning technologies integrate online quizzes and other tools so that you get instant feedback on your learning process. This helps you keep motivated and instantly realize which areas you need to work more on and which ones you have already mastered!


If an online course takes full advantage of what technology offers nowadays, your experience learning can be incredibly interactive. Virtual lessons, videotaped classroom scenes, online interviews, videos, collaborative learning platforms… take your pick! There are thousands of online tools for you to enjoy your studies in different formats according to your needs and learning style. This variety makes it a lot more interesting than just attending a typical workshop or textbook based courses and it’s also scientifically proved that multimedia tools improve memory in our brains.


China, Mexico, Argentina, Scotland… debate with people from all over the world! When taking an online course, you get to interact with students from all over the world who have similar interests to you. This definitely widens your perspective on each topic, as you get to learn how people culturally different to you think and approach each matter. With language learning online, you can also benefit from interacting with native speakers around the world. Language is a living thing so it’s extremely beneficial to have direct contact with a native speaker.


You might be studying philosophy online, but if you think that’s the only thing you are learning, you are wrong! While taking an online course you get to develop new computer skills such as creating audio/video material for your assignments, completing online training sessions, using new interactive tools, etc. It’s a 2×1 deal!

These are just a few benefits of learning online. Can you think of any others? Share them with us on our Facebook. Those who still can’t make up their minds about whether to learn on-site or online will definitely appreciate your opinion.