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If you have always dreamed of travelling around Spain but you don’t have thousands of euro to spend while doing so, then this is the perfect post for you! The amount of activities you can do in Spain and the things that you can see are endless and, if you get a bit organized, you will be able to have the time of your life without going broke. Barcelona, Seville, Madrid… take your pick (or visit them all!). Here are our 6 tips so that you can plan your perfect holidays on a budget in Spain.

Research before travelling

By researching as much as possible beforehand, you will not only find places you hadn’t heard of before but you will also be able to find agency offers, low-cost tickets and compare hotels in different websites so that you can book the cheapest ones. If you do it in advance, you will be saving lots of money and, at the same time, you won’t run the risk of not being able to book what you want because it is already sold out. This can happen in places like the Alhambra in Granada or the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Travel off-season

If you have the chance of choosing when to travel, avoid high-season. Spring is a great time of the year to visit Spain since the weather is nice and everything is less crowded and…cheaper! If the summer is all you have, don’t worry. If you book your holidays for the beginning of June or beginning of September, you will be able to make the most out of your summer but you will be saving a lot more than if you decide to go in August.

Book low-cost transportation

Spain has a lot to offer when it comes to low-cost transportation so take the time to find out all of your options. If you decide to travel by plane, make sure you visit Vueling, Iberia Express, Ryanair and Easyjet websites. These low-cost airlines are constantly uploading offers and if you plan in advance and are willing to be flexible on your dates, moving from one city to another can be a bargain. Just so you know, Ryanair has sold tickets for a euro in past offers!

If you decide to travel by car, check out Blabla Car. Here you can find other people who are heading in the same direction and split the cost. It’s a great way to meet other travellers!

Go to free tapas bars and order Menú del Día

The moment you land in Spain you will realize that the moment you order a beer, food comes with it (in many places). Make sure you eat as much of it as possible! Tapas are a great way of saving money, since you eat, eat, and eat… but pay very little! If you visit Madrid, check out a place called “El Tigre” or just head into any Spanish restaurant and start enjoying their tortilla de patata, patatas bravas, paella, etc.

You will also notice that from Monday to Friday restaurants offer a “Menu del día”. This is usually very cheap (around 10€) and you get a starter, main dish, dessert and a drink. We can assure you won’t regret it!

Find out when the museums are free

Why pay when you can do it for free? Museums usually have free entrance late in the afternoon or on a specific day of the week. Make sure you visit their websites to check out when you can visit their collections without spending a single euro. Also, students 18-25 with a Student ID usually get in for free at any time.

Go on a free tour

Find out about the free tours each city offers! In Madrid, for example, there is a typical one called the Sandemans Free Tour that starts at the tourist office in Plaza Mayor. The guides work for tips and you can decide what the value of the tour is. This will be a great way of getting to know the city and other people plus you will get a free map.

So… have you started packing already? Spain is waiting for you!

If you have any other tips on how to travel on a budget in Spain leave a comment below. The more tips, the cheaper the trip will be 🙂