You are out of excuses! If during the year you haven’t had enough time to study, or maybe you haven’t had enough time to practice, then this is the moment for you. The best season of the year has arrived and not only can you make the most of it by working on your tan but you can also invest some time working to improve your Spanish skills!

Have you planned your holidays already? Below you will find a list of ideas and activities that you can tick off your to-do list and come back from your summer break with life-lasting memories and long-lasting skills:

1 – Travel to a Spanish speaking country: Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico… where would you like to go? A fantastic way of improving your skills is by immersing yourself in a new culture that forces you to communicate and keep on learning. Apart from putting into practice what you already know, practicing your pronunciation, and acquiring new vocabulary, you will get familiar with local slang, and little by little, you’ll start being able to tell the difference between accents as well.

In the same way you plan what to pack, you can plan what you are going to say! Write down some sentences that will help you throughout your trip and take it with you to write the new ones you manage to master!

2 – Make native friends: When travelling, try to make as many native Spanish-speaking friends as possible. Just by chatting with them in Spanish you will expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation, grammar and tenses. You can also practice texting with them to sound even more like a real native.

3 – Online Courses: We all know that no matter how you travel, you always have some ‘dead time’. Instead of just staring out the window on that long hour car trip, or watching a thousand movies in the plane; learn some Spanish! At On-Español we deliver lessons right to your computer. Our Courses will prepare you for your Spanish adventures!

4 – Language Holidays:  How would you feel about learning Spanish on the beaches of El Salvador? Or while hiking on the Picos de Europa? Language holidays are getting more and more trendy, and it’s a fantastic way to have fun and learn at the same time. Walking and talking, hiking and talking, cooking and talking… the options are unlimited. You can choose the activity but you can’t escape practicing your Spanish.

With our partners at LAE Madrid, you can take intensive courses in the capital of Spain that are paired with interesting cultural activities like visiting museums, learning how to cook typical Spanish dishes, dance classes, sightseeing, etc. To get more info on this, take a look at their website.

5- Take a tour with a native guide: Taking a tour with a native guide or even just an audio tape in the language you are trying to learn, can help you remember several words. You can use this opportunity to ask your guide questions and push yourself even further.

No matter how you decide to spend your summer, it’s a great time to take advantage to focus on your language learning goals. Even if you read a book in Spanish while relaxing, you will be helping to improve your Spanish skills. We hope you have a wonderful summer!!